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magnum Choco Delight

classic chocolate ice-cream,dipped in delicius truffle sauce wrapped in thick belgian chocolate. gooey brownie flavoured ice cream, coated with crunchy cashews and wrapped in belgian chocolate. and magnum almond is madagascan vanilla ice cream dipped in crunchy australian almonds and coated with belgian chocolate..

Magnum Ruby Minis perfectly pair Magnum Ruby cacao with indulgent velvety ice cream, offering the ultimate luxury ice cream experience. Like with the brand's other offerings, Magnum ice cream identified the perfect ice cream to go with the new variety of chocolate, developing a sweet cream ice cream that allows the Ruby coating to shine best.

available in 4 sumptuous flavours : ~~

  • magunm chocolate truffle
  • magunm brownie
  • magnum almond
  • magnum ruby minis